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27 January 2022

A Message from the Chairman



InvestConsult Group is Vietnam's leading legal consultant services provider and we have arrived at this position through vision and devotion to excellence. Nothing demonstrates this better than the story of our establishment. One of the pioneers of the trade, InvestConsult Group had been in development in the early days when few others could sense Vietnam's need for trade liberalization.

In 1989, after 'Doi Moi' and the advent of market economy, InvestConsult Group was established, making us the first private consultant company in Vietnam. Now, after 23 years of operation and staffed with over 40 lawyers and 150 employees, InvestConsult Group has long secured our position as leader in the legal consultancy services market.

Being the oldest and one of the largest, our strength lies in our comprehensive local knowledge of legal and cultural matters that enables us to come up with solutions to unique legal and economic issues in Vietnam. Our truest advantage, however, must be our devotion to our standard of excellence and professionalism. Our list of foreign and domestic clientele is impressive and we have had close corporation with many international law firms.


Chairmans Signature  

                                    Nguyen Tran Bat
                                Chairman, General Director


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