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27 January 2022

Business and Investment Consultancy

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Since 1989, InvestConsult Group have been providing services to many international clients all over the world, particularly from the U.S., Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and other Asian countries through thousands of investment projects. Our staff have extensive experience and expertise in consulting in all areas of business including: Manufacturing Industries, Agriculture, Real Estate, Construction, Transportation and Logistics, Tourism, Distribution, Banking/Finance, Entertainment Services, Training/Education, Healthcare, High-Technology, Telecommunication, etc. We support our clients from when they decide to enter the Vietnamese business environment in establishing their business presence in Vietnam and provide them with our services throughout the duration of their investment in Vietnam. Additionally, we also provide services to domestic companies, corporations and government offices in all areas of business. Our consultancy services include:

 Business Establishment

  Mergers and Acquisitions

  Corporate Restructuring

  Market Research

  Business Planning and Feasibility Study

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