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27 January 2022

Legal Services


InvestConsult Legal Services was established in 1994 as part of InvestConsult Group and was one of the first professional law firms in Vietnam. Since then we have been in constant improvements both in the depth and range of our services. Benefiting from the experience and expertise of the team of consultants as well as a new generation of employees with international qualifications has meant that the work of InvestConsult Legal Services has reached a high level of professionalism.

InvestConsult Legal Services provides clients with business-oriented legal advice and services. The majority of our lawyers are also qualified as business consultants. This is due to their participation in investment projects in both pre- and post-licensing stages.

We also maintain close cooperation with many large international law firms and consultant companies.In line with the integration of Vietnam into the international community, many key lawyers of the firm have joined the Inter-Pacific Bar Association (APBA) which gives them regular opportunities to exchange information and work with their foreign colleagues.

The main range of our practice and services covers:

Civil and Contract Law
Banking and Financial Law
Corporate Governance
Foreign Investment
Tax Law
Legal Due Diligence
Domestic Investment
Arbitration and Litigation
Labour/Union Relations
Corporate Law
Environmental Protection
Administrative Procedures
Commercial Law
Property and Real Estate Maritime and Aviation
 International Trade Law
Leasing Accounting and Auditing
Land Law
  Agency and Franchising
Advertising and Unfair Competition
Insurance   Construction Product Liability/Consumer Protection